Branded Mortgage Apps for Loan Officers

SimpleNexus offers mortgage companies beautifully branded Android and iPhone apps. Our apps help you generate more leads, connect with Realtors, and stay compliant.

SimpleNexus customers collectively increased realtor connections by more than 300% in 2013. Mortgage Companies rate our customer service 9.8 out of 10.

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Mortgage Calculator

Your clients already have a calculator on their phone. Why do they need yours?

This calculator has been simplified to take the guesswork out of MI. Since APR is shown on every calculation, you are also covered on compliance!


Document Scanner

Partners can send REPC's or Addendums from the field. Clients can send 1003's, Bank Statements, Taxes, W2's and more. At any time, from anywhere.

Brightness, contrast, cropping, rotation, and edge detection controls help for beautiful documents.



Increase purchase business by giving each of your realtors their own version of your app.

You'll be able to see which realtors are using it, which clients they are sharing it with, and have the ability to reach out to those clients directly.



A branded calculator that's useful for your realtors and clients.

$ 15 / month

Add document scanning.
Sign up before April 1 to get co-branding included

$ 25 / month


Custom Solutions For Mortgage Companies

Special Pricing
Loan Types: FHA, Conv, USDA, VA, Jumbo
Compliance (TILA,Reg-Z,RESPA)
Affordability Calculator
APR is Shown
Customized Disclaimer
Pinpoint MI Calculations
iPhone & Android
Social Links
Mortgage News/Your Blog Feed
"Push Notifications"
Receive Password-protected PDF's
Edge of Page Detection
Document Scanning
Encrypted Documents
Create multi-page pdfs
Realtor co-branding (Sign up before April 1 to lock price)
Custom Mobile App
Your Company Colors
Manage Multiple Users
Group Management
Your Company Icon
Group Analytics
Searchable in both App Stores

"I pulled my most tech savvy RE referral partners in to test it, and the damn thing is going viral in my community."

-- Letter from Rodney Tumbleston to Don Frommeyer, President of NAMB

"I used another app for their trial period, but then found SimpleNexus. I gave the SimpleNexus app to a couple of Realtors, and they loved it. Since then, it's been installed by thirty to forty Realtors and clients, and they are doing 30 – 40 calculations per day."

-- Enrique Braunschweiger

"As a Realtor I have looked and looked for a great mortgage app. This is the first that I have found that is easy and simple to use and the information is accurate. Many are lacking or are too clunky, perfect balance with this app."

-- iheuer (App Store Review)

"The fact that this mortgage calculator includes the correct mortgage insurance for each loan program is reason enough to call this the best mortgage calculator app I've seen."

-- JIrving (App Store Review)

Your Mortgage App Connects You With Realtors
Your Mortgage App Calculates Full Monthly Payments
Realtors Use Your Mortgage App

Loan Officers from more than 100 different mortgage companies love SimpleNexus mortgage apps. Here are a random few:

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