We unite loan officers, borrowers, and Realtor partners into a single platform to deliver a complete digital mortgage strategy with proven results.


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SimpleNexus connects your loan originators with their borrowers and real estate partners to deliver a measurable return on investment by reducing turn times, increasing loan application submissions and delivering more referral business.

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Disclosures Done Right

We know disclosure presentations come with time pressure, compliance concerns, and many points for potential miscommunication. But the idea of having to learn a new way to do disclosures is exhausting, if not seemingly impossible.


Mobile-First Technology

to Make the Mortgage Process More Efficient

Product Features

That Feel More Like Superpowers

A calculator may not sound like something that will change your life, but ours comes pretty close.

  • Accurately calculate rates for FHA, Conventional, USDA, and VA loans—including down payments, MI rates, and APR quotes.
  • Give your borrowers a complete view of what their monthly payments would be—while staying compliant.
  • Show borrowers all the options with the affordability calculator, allowing them to start the pre-qual process with the click of a button as soon as they see the numbers.

You can make SimpleNexus your own by branding it with your photo, contact information, and logo. Also, quickly add features like a borrower loan application or a home search tool.

Securely take loan applications, pull credit reports and send pre-qualification letters from anywhere. So, when your borrowers find the home, you’ll ensure they’re positioned to make an offer.

Information is power, but for borrowers, it’s also peace of mind.

  • Customize borrower alerts, so your customers know when their loan hits certain milestones, and also their deadlines for returning forms or information to you.
  • Improve the borrower experience with continuous communication.
  • Setup customized alerts for a seamless loan process — minimizing stress for the both of you.

Partners can send REPC’s or Addendums from the field. Clients can send 1003’s, Bank Statements, Taxes, W2’s and more. At any time, from anywhere.

  • With a tap-to-scan-and-send option, encrypted documents get into the right hands.
  • Built-in enhancement tools for brightness, contrast, cropping, and edge detection make for superior document quality.
  • Realtors can easily scan addendums or changes at any time. Which means fewer closing delays—and a lot less of the traditional paper shuffle.

With SimpleNexus, you’ll know precisely when it’s time to call your borrowers or check in with your prospects. You’re able to see when, and how often they use the app so that you can take action real-time.

You can also see when your realtor partners have shared the app with a new customer so that you can plan your follow-up strategy accordingly.

Security? Compliance?

We've Got You Covered.

As much as we talk about speed and efficiency, at SimpleNexus, security is everything. From the beginning, we’ve invested in security to protect your borrower’s personal data and keep non-public information out of harm’s way.

We are AICPA Secure (SOC 2) and CFPB compliant, and meet all federal, state, and local requirements for securing borrower data. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit; and we conduct periodic, CEH penetration tests to check for vulnerabilities. Also, when you do loan calculations, APR is automatically displayed.

Compliance officers love us. And it’s not just because of our sparkling personalities.


We’re the Digital Mortgage Solution
that Makes Everyone’s Life a Little Bit Easier.


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