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About Us

When Matt Hansen developed the mobile mortgage app that would become the catalyst for SimpleNexus, he wasn’t thinking about starting a company. He was trying to help solve a problem for his brother-in-law, a mortgage loan originator, who was tired of constantly having to recalculate customer loan payments by hand.

One question, “Do you think you could build me an app for that?” was all it took for Matt to get motivated.

He created the mobile app on a Saturday, and, within weeks, other originators were clamoring to get a version for themselves. As Matt added features, customers followed, fueled exclusively by user referrals. It soon became obvious that what he created was much more than a passion project for evenings and weekends. It was something that filled a real market void.

So, in 2014, joined by a handful of colleagues in the software industry, Matt turned SimpleNexus into his full-time business—and has never looked back.

Today, SimpleNexus is a 100-person organization, signed with 15 of the top 25 lenders, over 180 mortgage company customers, and more than 18,000 users nationwide. More importantly, it’s a company that’s making a difference.

Our single-platform mortgage solution is the conduit that connects originators with their customers, realtor partners, systems, and tools they need to do their jobs. We’re the innovation that helps mortgage companies operate compliantly, efficiently, and a little more competitively than everyone else. We’re problem solvers who believe that, when it comes to the mortgage industry, the combination of people and technology will always be more powerful than technology alone.

And, we’re proving it every day, one customer success story at a time.

Our Leadership Team


Matt Hansen

Founder & CEO


Matt Hansen was an accounting major who, in his first semester in college, realized that he pretty much hated accounting. His programming class, an elective, became his real passion.

Instead of switching majors, Matt changed everything. He left school, contacted the top development firm in Utah, and offered to work there for free, just to learn from some of the best developers in the industry. For a full year, Matt, logged 80 hours a week, without pay; starting a used car dealership on the side, just to bring in some money.

His work ethic and proficiency as a developer didn’t go unnoticed. Matt quickly got hired, advancing up the ranks at a couple of top-notch firms; always tinkering, as developers do, with a project or two on the side.

He could never have anticipated that one of those projects—a mobile app to help his brother-in-law’s mortgage lending business—would take on a life of its own. The app became so popular among loan originators it soon evolved from a family favor into an entrepreneurial venture that, today, feels a little more like destiny.

Since founding SimpleNexus in 2014, Matt has grown the company from a handful of associates working in a 10’ x 10’ office into a thriving business, employing a high-caliber team of 100 people, with full benefits and 401K. Matt is continually moving the company forward, not innovating for innovation’s sake, but, creating solutions that are changing the way the mortgage industry does business—for the better.


Dave Stevenson

Founder & CTO


Dave Stevenson got hooked on computers the first time he used a PC in high school. He was the first on his block with an Internet address, and innately recognized the transformational power of technology early on.

After high school, he served two years doing missionary work in Brazil. Then, he returned to the States to earn his BSCS in Information Systems at Utah Valley University.

Though his first job was with a global software company, as the dot.com era emerged, Dave gravitated toward start-ups—specifically those that used technology to solve problems for the mortgage industry.

He was involved in numerous high-visibility projects, from automating title requests, to developing one of the first e-sign software solutions in the nation, and became a popular industry speaker.

Dave also became an expert in scaling, helping these start-ups successfully grow from seven employees to more than 100; implementing processes and procedures that added structure, without stifling creative output.

The emergence of the iPhone brought out his entrepreneurial spirit. Operating as Stevenson Software, Dave created a broad collection of popular iPhone apps. Many, including his acclaimed Landscapers’ Companion, became so iconic that they were featured by Apple, as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Wired magazine.

Ben Miller



Ben Miller learned the benefit of grit and tenacity early in life. Though at the time, he spoke no Spanish and had little experience outside of his Tallahassee, Florida hometown, he signed up to do mission work in El Salvador, fresh out of high school.  Those two years taught him volumes.

Upon his return, he earned his B.S. in civil engineering from Florida State University and got a job on the operations side of a design-build firm that specialized in heavy civil projects. However, it was his next job with a start-up construction company, that ignited Ben’s entrepreneurial fire.

After helping that company grow from $10M to $15M and 150 employees in one short year, Ben knew the start-up route was the career path he wanted to pursue. So, he set out to learn everything he could about running a new business.

He enrolled at Brigham Young University, earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship. During that time, he interned with a variety of start-ups, as well as working on his own venture to license a new bacteriophage technology.

But, everything changed when he got an email from a business mentor who told him about Matt Hansen. At the time, Matt had just made SimpleNexus his full-time business—and needed a businessperson to help scale the growing company. One meeting was all it took to see that this was the right fit. Ben joined SimpleNexus in 2014 as one of its original employees.

Today, as COO, Ben runs the operations side of the house, which ranges from setting up strategic partnerships to managing implementations, to developing employee benefits programs. His mission is keeping the company efficient as it scales, expanding partnerships and bringing the right mix of people onboard.  Just seeing the impact that SimpleNexus is making on the industry is his motivator to constantly do more.

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