August 2017 Updates and Improvements

August 2017 Updates and Improvements

The sun might get eclipsed, but at SimpleNexus we’re still doing our job. We’ve been working hard to make sure that all your suggestions and needs are heard and taken care of. Be on the lookout for updated versions of your iOS and Android apps to be rolling out soon. Here are a few of our recent and upcoming updates that we’re excited about.

Get Started Seamlessly

Our next updates roll out a brand way to get started. It’s never been easier to get originators, partners, and borrowers on the app. More details are coming!

Scan Documents to Yourself

We’ve heard your suggestions. Originators can scan docs to themselves, and there’s a dashboard page to retrieve docs. Learn more on our blog!

Scan with Ease

Speaking of scanning docs, we’re improving the scanner tool on iOS. You and your borrowers will be able to scan documents with even greater ease!

Connect Your Co-Borrowers

You can now connect co-borrowers to the same loan. Get co-borrowers using the app without jumping through hoops. Learn more on our blog!

Train with Test Data

Are your trainers spending time finding examples or creating fake data for training? Contact our support team! They can create test data for you to use in training.

What Are People Saying?

If you’re not using this app, you truly are missing out!
-Wendy Lloyd, Google Play Review