Borrower Experience

Stress-free Borrowing at Every Step

Stress-free Borrowing at Every Step

When you give borrowers SimpleNexus, you are giving them the gift of simplicity. Instead of an intimidating, labyrinthine home-buying experience, borrowers get an easy-to-use mobile mortgage app with access to a loan originator who guides them every step of the way. It’s the perfect amount of independence for borrowers to explore options with easy access to loan originators so there’s never a question of what to do next.

Digital mortgages for a modern experience

Borrowers want simplicity and your loan originators can deliver. Instead of an endless game of phone tag and figuring out the fax machine, borrowers can do everything with a few taps. From application to uploading documents, it’s all in the SimpleNexus mobile mortgage app. Borrowers are guided through their loan application and get real-time access to loan progress information. Plus, they never have to dig for information because loan originators can provide updates like digital disclosures and pre-approvals in one accessible hub.

SimpleNexus Borrowers One-Pager

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Trusted advice when needed

In the modern mortgage process, borrowers want to do their own research and run different numbers without the pressure of talking to a loan originator. However, they need a responsive lender when it’s time to move. They get the best of both worlds with SimpleNexus. Borrowers are empowered to do independent research with credible resources and tools like the mortgage calculator and home search and loan comparison tools, but when they need help, their loan originator or Realtor is a tap away.

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