Add Partners on the Go

Add Partners on the Go

We know that giving value is a huge part of building solid and lasting partnerships with realtors and builders. That’s why we built your SimpleNexus mobile app so that it could be co-branded with your partners. It’s a win for everyone when your partners can easily stay connected to the loan process. And borrowers know they’ve got the full power of their team behind them, because everyone is visible and easy to contact through your mobile app.

All of us know that everyone benefits from those strong relationships between you and your partners. But how do you build those partnerships? One thing we’ve learned at SimpleNexus is that the originators who are most successful using their app to build partnerships are meeting face-to-face with potential partners. That way you can show off the value of your app and what partners can do with it. Then following up keeps partners excited.

Because we know that you’re meeting face-to-face with partners to show the app off, we wanted to make it easier for you to get your partners started with your app. That’s why we built a new feature into your mobile app so that you can create profiles for new partners, easily make and preview their app, and share it, all from your smartphone.

Leanr how to get new partners started while you meet with them. Call our Sales team to find out at 855-684-2777

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to contact us and either our fantastic support team or your account manager can walk through this new feature and help you take advantage of it.