A Better, More Mobile Disclosure Process

Change everything without changing anything.

We know disclosure presentations come with time pressure, compliance concerns, and many points for potential miscommunication. But the idea of having to learn a new way to do disclosures is exhausting, if not seemingly impossible. That’s why we created SimpleNexus Disclosures.

We built a tool that isn’t changing how you present and manage disclosure packages—it’s simplifying it.

Borrower Ease

  • Receive disclosures quickly via mobile app or online
  • Review and eSign disclosures online or in the mobile app
  • Upload wet-signature documents using secure document scan tool
  • Rely on the security of two-factor authentication

Loan Originator Speed

  • eSign disclosure documents on-the-go
  • Monitor loan processing progress
  • Experience improved mortgage pull-through rates
  • Use a single login to access all mortgage tools

Disclosure Desk Efficiency

  • keep the processes they already know
  • Lighten disclosure desk workload, and costs
  • Experience next-level disclosure tracking

Disclosures Product Overview One-Pager

Strapped for time? No worries just download the overview and read it later.

Disclosure Package Support

Disclosure Package Support

  • Initial Disclosures
  • Closing Disclosures

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