Getting Started with Your SimpleNexus App Just Got Easier

When we recently announced that we would be updating how people get started with your mobile app, we said we’d give you more details so that you could better understand what everyone experiences when they get your app, whether it’s a loan originator, referral partner, or borrower. So let’s dive in and take a look at this awesome new experience.
The first thing that you should know is that the whole process is easier for everyone! Not only is it easier, but you can bet on us here at SimpleNexus building it to be secure and compliant.
So how does this work and what does it look like? Well, we’re here to show you what it looks like for everyone: originators, referral partners, and borrowers.

An Originator’s First Time Signing In

After you’ve created a profile for a loan officer, they’ll get their Welcome Email just like they have in the past. They’ll use the link in that email to download their app just like before. But instead of having to go back and forth between setting up the app on their phone and setting a password from their computer, they can get everything setup on their phone. Then they can turn their focus to their dashboard after getting started with the app.
Here are the easy steps that you would follow as an originator signing in for the first time:

  1. Press Get Started
  2. Put in your email address
  3. Check for your verification code—either an email or text
  4. Enter your verification code in the app
  5. You’ll verify some of your information
  6. You can then setup a password, if you’d like
  7. If your company requires a passcode, you’ll also set that up

Then you’re in your app and you have your sign in credentials all set. From there, as an originator, you can use your email address and password you set up on your app to sign into your web dashboard.

A Referral Partner’s First Time with Your App

Once you create an account for a referral partner and share your mobile app with them, what does this new process look like for them? You’ll have them download the app just like you’ve always done. Then you’ll have them jump into the process of getting started, similar to what an originator would experience.
The nice thing with referral partners is that if you’ve created their account for them, the system now recognizes them when they put in their email address and helps them get started with a few simple steps:

  1. Press Get Started
  2. They’ll put in their email address
  3. They’ll check for their verification code—either an email or text
  4. They’ll enter the verification code in the app
  5. The app will ask them to verify some of their information
  6. Referral partners can choose to set a password or simply Continue

A Borrower’s First Time with Your App

In the case of your borrowers, they will have a somewhat different experience getting started with your app. While many aspects will be the same, the key difference is that they haven’t had their account or profile created for them before they got the app. So they will be putting in their information to set up their account.
Your borrowers should have a sense of security once they’ve gotten started. They can rest assured that everything they do with the app is secure, because they went through a sign in process that has become familiar in other major financial and private apps. All your borrowers will have to do to get started is:

  1. Press Get Started
  2. Put in their email address
  3. Give their name
  4. They’ll then put in some additional information
  5. Press Continue and they’re in

How Do You Sign Back In Now?

For originators, they can simply use the Sign In button when they open the app whenever they sign into an app that has the user signed out. But what about in the case of a referral partner or borrower that didn’t set up a password when they got the app?
For anyone that doesn’t have a password, they can go to the Sign In button too! What does that process look like from there? Because we do verification codes now, anyone can get signed in without having to do password resets from their computer, or wonder if they ever even got a password to begin with.
Here’s a step by step breakdown of what you can do to get signed in with a verification code.

  1. Press Sign In when you open the app
  2. Put in your email address
  3. Press the Need Help? button
  4. The app will verify your email address
  5. Check your email for the verification code
  6. Enter your verification code
  7. Verify some information
  8. Either hit Continue or you can choose the Create a Password option

The great thing is that originators can use this way to get logged back into their app too!
Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about your company settings or how your new flow works for getting people started with your mobile app. We have an amazing support team! They are experienced and are here to help you. Be sure to put them to use. If you have any questions, always feel free to check with us at or call us at 855-684-2777.

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