Make Every App Share Count

Make Every App Share Count

We built SimpleNexus with growing your business in mind. Sharing your app is a great way to get your tools, brand and contact information into the hands of potential borrowers. And it gets even better when your partners are sharing your app.

Get Sharing Right

Every share, whether to a prospective borrower, current borrower, or partner should give them exactly what they need. Our updated sharing process makes this a reality. You can now easily share not only your app, but co-branded apps so that you are connecting your borrowers to their whole team. You can also share your co-branded app with partners. And all of this can be done right from your phone.

Each situation where you share your app isn’t the same, so we want to make sure you have the flexibility you need to share your app or a co-branded app with borrowers and partners alike. Contact us soon to see how these features can also unlock new prospects.

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Get More Prospects through Partners

As we created these new features, we were building with the goal of ensuring the maximum benefit every time someone shares your app. Now every time your app is shared, a prospect is generated. Whether you, your partners, or satisfied borrowers share your app, you can know exactly who your app was shared with. You’ll have the information you need to follow up. You can make sure people seeing your brand get the personal touch that makes your business stand out.

These features can be rolled out as your company is ready, so be sure to contact us to work with your account manager or our implementation team. And remember, our team can walk through these new features and any other tools so that you can take full advantage of your SimpleNexus supported platform.