You Can't Build Relationships
Sitting Behind a Desk


You Benefit. Your Borrowers Benefit.

Everybody Wins.


How many times have you spent evenings and weekends at the office, or had relaxation or family events interrupted to order pre-qualification letters, pull credit or follow up on borrower calls? With SimpleNexus, you can be a star performer without giving up family time, or quality of life, because we bring the office to you.


Let’s face it, all homebuyers dread the mortgage waiting game. With SimpleNexus, you can turn borrowers into your greatest fans. Easily provide real estimated monthly payments, then keep them in the loop with automated milestone updates and alerts when they have documents due.


Getting the right documents to you at the right time isn’t always easy for your borrowers. With SimpleNexus, your borrowers can securely scan and upload their documents, using nothing more than the app and camera on their mobile device. You get what you need faster, without inconveniencing customers.


How much does having mobile access to your borrowers, your realtors and your systems impact efficiency and close rates?

The data shows that using SimpleNexus, Mobile Originator® can close loans up to 20 percent faster. That means you can sell more, and make more, without devoting more time to your job. Boom!  

What Can You Do With SimpleNexus?

“SimpleNexus not only makes our loan officers look good by instantly being able to respond to their customers, but it’s also great when they’re building new realtor relationships.”

Keith Becher | COO
American Pacific Mortgage

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