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Credit Plus, Inc. Announces Integration with SimpleNexus

The SimpleNexus – Credit Plus integration enables mortgage loan originators to obtain credit reports from Credit Plus through customized, mobile solutions. SimpleNexus provides private-label mobile apps that connect mortgage lenders with borrowers and real estate agents, allowing all parties to easily exchange data and documents throughout the lifecycle of a mortgage loan.

SimpleNexus Partners with FormFree

FormFree teaming up with SimpleNexus puts AccountChek into the hands of borrowers earlier in the loan application. Whether the borrower or the loan officer initiates the verification of assets, employment and income, FormFree makes this new approach to sharing information feel natural and effortless.

SimpleNexus Integrates with LendingQB

Through the SimpleNexus and LendingQB LOS integration, loan officers are able to become mobile originators in facilitating the loan process for mortgage buyers. LOs can track the status of all their borrowers, send pre-approval/pre-qual letters and push notifications directly to borrowers all from the mobile app.