October 2017 Mobile and Web Updates

We’ve been busy here at SimpleNexus building and improving your mobile platform. We’ve got updates rolling out for your iOS and Android apps, as well as updates and fixes for your web dashboard. We’re really excited about some of these new mobile features, because your originators can do even more from their phone.


What’s New on iOS

  • Originators can now create referral partner profiles from their own phone! No need to fuss with creating partners before you meet with them. Show them the app and create their profile as you meet with them! Be on the lookout for more details about how to use this awesome feature.
  • We now have a rate lock indicator that you’ll see in your Loans page.
  • The loan milestones now have a fresh new look when you are viewing a loan.
  • Fields where anyone puts in a phone number, SSN or a dollar amount, are now formatting to reflect what they are.
  • Loans with co-borrowers are now showing the co-borrower’s name.
  • We’re now supporting switching app icons.
  • We’re displaying a summary screen before loan applications are submitted, so your borrowers can review it before pressing send.

What’s Been Updated on iOS

  • The compliance footer view was fixed to display better and is now included on Scanner and contact detail screens
  • We fixed a bug where the affordability calculator was giving an error saying “need to enter gross income” when the gross income was less than $15,000.
  • We took care of a bug that was making it so that some originators were not able to view credit reports.
  • Don’t allow users to scan a document when the scanner feature is disabled.


What’s New on Android

  • Android is getting the feature to add partners from your phone too. Be on the lookout for more details in an upcoming email.
  • We now have a rate lock indicator that you’ll see on loans in your Loans page.

What’s Been Updated on Android

  • Clicking on a partner profile takes you to the correct details screen.
  • The monthly payment on the conventional calculator was sometimes different than the results screen. That’s been corrected.
  • Longer option labels on the loan app dropdowns now wrap instead of getting cut off.
  • We fixed push notifications for Android Oreo devices.
  • Speaking of Android Oreo, Oreo introduced changes to how shortcuts are created on the home screen. Because of these changes, newer Android devices will no longer be able to automatically create an app shortcut using the loan officer’s photo. For now, the feature will still work on older devices.


What’s New on Web

  • We’ve been doing several web preparations for mobile features that include: the ability for loan officers to add documents requested from their app, group icon support, meaning that one company app can support multiple DBAs.
  • We are continually working on our new web-based 1003 portal and we’ve updated the login page.
  • Our flow for when you’ve forgotten your password got an update so that you stay on a single page.
  • We added a few security measures to file uploads. There are some select file types that are restricted and no files larger than 100mb will be allowed.
  • Some updates have been made to your weekly and daily email reports to ensure that they display app user information correctly.
  • A little logical tweak was made so that the “Start Loan” indicator doesn’t show on an unsubmitted loan application.
  • Originators are now getting notifications whenever a borrower uploads a document from the new borrower web dashboard.
  • If your company would like to customize the hours listed on the Help & Support page of your dashboard, that can now be done.
  • Requested document notifications are going out now in cases where your app user doesn’t have a loan yet.
  • We fixed up some bugs that were happening related to co-borrowers when viewing a loan.
  • The co-borrower e-consent now shows up as a loan document.
  • The omnisearch on your dashboard got an update that should make it much faster.
  • We did a little update to help some of you companies that have had originators try out the app with a borrower or partner account using their company email. In cases like this, when you go to set up their originator account, you can still use their company email without disrupting anything.
  • We’ve made the Password Reset email template one that is now editable at your company level.
  • A few more areas where your company logos or custom URL should be showing up have been fixed so that you’re not seeing the SimpleNexus brand and information.
  • A few updates have been made to Calyx integration to better match originators based on their name.

Always feel free to browse past updates and changes on our change log. Also, we have an amazing support team! They are experienced and here to help you. Be sure to put them to use. If you have any questions, always feel free to check with us at support@simplenexus.com or call us at 855-684-2777.

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