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HBM has a tool called Home Scout. Home Scout is a home search program that allows borrowers to find homes from the MLS database. Similar to Zillow, it provides maps and listing information for properties. The SimpleNexus integration adds a link to the Home Scout platform from a borrower’s info screen (within the SimpleNexus app).

More about SimpleNexus and our HomeScout Partnership

The next generation in the legendary Home Scouting family of technologies, HomeScout, gives consumers an immersive real estate search experience featuring 100% MLS listing data. This means that they are assured of finding the most accurate property information anywhere; unavailable on any public search sites. And since access to the HomeScout web and mobile app are password protected, buyers can search in a private, secure environment knowing their personal information is never at risk. When you refer your leads and preapproved buyers to HomeScout, they will have a distinct advantage over other home buyers in a competitive market. Giving them the best opportunity to find a house without going to a public search site where their information would be sold to your competition.

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