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Much like other CRM Integrations that SimpleNexus offers, our SimpleNexus and Top of Mind / Surefire 3.0 Integration is designed to create efficiency for the Loan Officer when they need to manage their Borrower Contacts. This is accomplished by creating contact records in Surefire that have been configured in SimpleNexus.
There is also new functionality that should be available soon that will allow a sync for both systems. We will send contacts to Surefire upon creation within SimpleNexus but there will also be a sync that pulls the contact list from Surefire and will update the contacts in SimpleNexus, automatically. Furthermore, there will also be a “manual sync” that can be performed to initiate a call to Surefire to update the contact list within SimpleNexus.

About Top of Mind

Founded in 2003, Top of Mind Networks and its Surefire CRM were created with the vision to provide customized, turn-key CRM solutions to the mortgage industry.
Surefire has truly grown into a one-stop shop for mortgage professionals to handle all of their customer relationship management needs. Which, of course, allows mortgage professionals to go out and do what they do best … sell!

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