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Compliance Officer

The words, “mobile app to help loan originators work anywhere,” can strike fear in the heart of even the most seasoned compliance officer. However, here’s the truth about SimpleNexus: Compliance officers love us because, we, like you, build everything around security and compliance.

We are CFPB compliant, and AICPA secure, always willing to share our SOC 2 audits. We show APR for all of our calculations, which also include MI, so borrowers get a clear picture of what their monthly payments will be. Users can securely scan and send documents, which are encrypted both at rest and in transit.  We also spend a lot of time making sure our networks stay secure, with certified CEH penetration testing and periodic vulnerability testing that help us guard against any new threats.

Our goal? Giving your loan originators everything they need, while giving you one less thing to worry about.

  • AICPA secure (SOC 2)
  • CPFP compliant
  • TILA compliant - displaying APR for every calculation
  • Secure document transfer
  • Displays Equal Housing logo
  • Customize with your own legal disclaimers

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Compliance Officer







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