We’re the Mobile Solution that

Makes Everyone’s Life Easier.

Loan Originator

You didn’t become a loan originator to spend your time staring at a computer screen.

You’re a loan originator rockstar, a relationship builder, and a people person whose primary goal is helping the people in your community get into the homes of their dreams. Yet, you can’t do your job without access to your systems and third-party providers, which means more time in the office.

SimpleNexus changes that with a single secure platform that goes with you wherever you are.

More Referrals . Better Communication.
The Perfect Borrower Experience.

Consumers educate themselves online, and make decisions based on reviews and referrals. Understanding the way consumers and Realtors communicate and perform business is vital for originators. Consumers want responsiveness on mobile, and if one loan officer is not as responsive as his competitor, he is at a significant disadvantage.

Let's change the narrative. With SimpleNexus integration and implementation, originators can do so much more.

With the SimpleNexus white label app, your loan originators can easily co-brand with referral partners and build continuous borrower and partner relationships. All stakeholders get real-time loan visibility, proactive communication capabilities, and transparent transactions all while knowing everything is CFPB compliant and AICPA secure.

Download the print-ready document to read about, and share, the top five reasons why real estate professionals would choose your loan originators using the top digital mortgage solution available.

We’re the Mobile Solution
that Makes Everyone’s Life a Little Bit Easier.


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