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Building a brand isn’t easy, or inexpensive. Getting your name out there, and putting your loan officers front-and-center to the right audience, is a challenging feat, no matter how deep your advertising budget, or expertise in digital media.

As well as being an outstanding tool for loan originator efficiency by connecting them with their borrowers, realtors and systems; SimpleNexus is also one of the best marketing vehicles around.

The app is white labeled, so your loan originators can brand it with their photos, company information, contact and logo; or co-brand with as many realtor partners as they like. They can share the app with their prospects and borrowers, who can share it with their friends and family. They’ll use the tools, they’ll see your company information, and your originator’s photo every time they do.

The result? You reach the right people with the right message, and can actually track their activity. It may well be the most effective marketing campaign you launch this year. At no extra cost.

  • Your originators can personalize SimpleNexus with photo, company information, logo, and contact information in minutes.
  • They can co-brand with an unlimited number of referral partners.
  • Easily link the app to your social media.
  • Share with prospects and track activity.
  • Prospects and borrowers can share the branded app with their friends and family, to expand your marketing reach.

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