Scan Documents to Yourself and More

Scan Documents to Yourself and More

A couple new features are coming to your SimpleNexus supported platform that we’re really excited about. We’ll be adding the ability for originators and referral partners to securely scan documents to themselves. We’ll also be adding a Quick Share option so that originators can share their app from their dashboard homepage.

Document Scanner to Inbox

We’ve had a lot of feedback that you’d like to be able to use the scanner to scan documents without having an app user to associate the document with. This update to your mobile app will be rolling out over the next few weeks.
Now that you’ll be able to scan documents to yourself, where do the documents go? Originators and partners will notice a couple new things on their online dashboard after the update. First of all, we’ve built a new page called “Doc Inbox” to house and manage documents that will be showing up on your dashboard in the next few days. The left menu is where originators can navigate to their Doc Inbox. This page is shown below.

All pending documents can be viewed in the Doc Inbox. In the row for each document is an actions button on the right-hand side where you can choose to preview the document, download it, or assign it to an app user. That can also be seen above. We’d like to point out that documents can still be seen in the App User section for app users that have documents.
Originators can also quickly manage documents from the homepage of their online dashboard. There, you’ll find a Doc Inbox section and the Quick Share widget, as shown below. With the Quick Share, originators can text their default message for installing their app and add a message.

Our support team is working just as hard as our developers. They are experienced and are here to help you. If you have any questions, always feel free to check with us at or call us at 855-684-2777. And remember that you can always check out all our updates in our Change Log.