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David Hosterman

Citywide Home Loans

Regional Manager

Steve Majerus

Synergy One Lending


Kevin Peranio


Chief Lending Officer

Terry Chung

First Choice Loan Services

SVP, Ops | Business Solutions

Chase Majerus

Synergy One Lending

Video Content Producer

Eric Bergstrom


Strategic Support Manager

Jason Frazier

The Agent Marketer

Founder & CEO

Dustin Brohm

Massive Agent Podcast


Max Master

Alpha Mortgage

Director of Operations

Eric Prue

Leader Bank

AVP, Business Enablement

Session Lineup

February 11 | 11:15 AM
Smart lenders know that today’s market conditions present a real opportunity to dominate the current and future mortgage market. Identifying and expanding profitable sales channels, such as top performing loan originators and Realtor pipelines that consistently drive business, is the wise approach. How do today’s leading lenders protect and grow these channels? Through attention and investment.

In this session, Andria Lightfoot from George Mason Mortgage and Steve Majerus from Synergy One join SimpleNexus to demonstrate how strategic investments, including making smart technology choices, create long term loyalty, provide highly satisfied customer experiences, and ensure lasting profitability.

February 11 | 1:00 PM
Online lenders promise an improved home buying experience that makes getting a mortgage look easy. But do they really deliver on that pledge? Not always.

Coupling the power of personal touch with your SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform enables you to easily fulfill the expectation of convenience set by online lenders. Additionally, the SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform showcases your brand, efficiently cultivates Realtor relationships, and drives impressive referral business results.

Join Kevin Peranio from PRMG and Dave Savage from Mortgage Coach as they join SimpleNexus for this timely session to ensure you’re not just competing against, but beating, online lenders in every way possible.

Part 1 – February 11 | 1:45 PM
Part 2 – February 11 | 3:00 PM

This two-part session will arm you with new ideas proven to attract, retain, and empower loan originators to perform at their highest levels. You’ll learn how to fully utilize each feature of your SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform to transform Loan Originators into Mobile Originators. When your origination team is free to do their job anywhere, anytime, their productivity increases leading to faster closing times and more ROI. By the end of the two-part session you  will have a concrete plan on how to:

  • Turn low-performing loan originators into top-performers
  • Determine which loan originator candidates make the best new-hires for your organization
  • Drive long-term performance from your origination team

Panelists include Eric Bergstrom from Security National, Steve Majerus from Synergy One, Bob Brandt from Optimal Blue, Lori Brewer from LBA Ware, and Carol Burke from Top-of-Mind.

February 11 | 3:45 PM
The way people interact, communicate, and buy the things they love has drastically improved in recent years. Embracing and mastering these new opportunities is an essential, not to mention fun, part of doing business today. How can you make the most of all the new possibilities this changing dynamic offers you? Starting where you are now and quickly increase your social participation is sure to deliver the best results.

Join Jason Frazier and Dustin Brohm, two well-known social selling masters, and Chase Majerus with Synergy One, in this action-packed session where you will learn how to build an authentic personal brand, master new social opportunities, and expand your business in a way that’s fun and sure to bring you success for years to come.

February 12 | 9:45 AM
Creating and maintaining good relationships with borrowers is essential. So is providing an exceptional experience. But, how do you attract more home buyers and get them through the mortgage process faster plus keep them happy while you do it? This session will review how SimpleNexus Digital Mortgage Platform users reduce operational costs and experience real return-on-investment while delivering an exceptional borrower experience.

Panelists include Terry Chung from First Choice Loan Services, Eric Prue from Leader Bank, and Richard Kuhn from Finicity.

February  12 | 11:00 AM
Capturing Realtor attention and loyalty is easier than you think. When you consistently deliver services and tools that Realtors need most to succeed, you build beneficial long-term relationships that drive business and delight both Realtors and borrowers alike.

Join Eric Bergstrom from Security National, top performing loan originator and regional manager David Hosterman from Citywide Home Loans, and Ben Teerlink from MobilityRE in this hands-on session where we will explore the many ways you can fill your referral pipeline and increase your Realtor-driven business.

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