What's a Digital Mortgage Really?

BY MATT HANSEN Originally printed in Tomorrow’s Mortgage Executive Everyone took notice as the digital mortgage first hit prime time with Quicken Loans’ Rocket Mortgage commercial featured during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, jumpstarting the race for customer facing websites, slick online loan applications, and the promise of an improved borrower experience. Several … Read moreWhat's a Digital Mortgage Really?

Two Birds with One Stone: Share Your Lender Tools and Generate Prospects

Developing prospects and getting the products that give you a competitive advantage in the hands of your prospects is a key to your success as a lender. That’s why we’ve been working hard to hone and get right how originators and realtor partners share your SimpleNexus supported app. App version 4.7 brought a new way … Read moreTwo Birds with One Stone: Share Your Lender Tools and Generate Prospects

Be a Mobile Originator: Order and View Credit on the Go

How often do you find yourself awkwardly pausing what you’re doing to order a credit report? Stop fussing and make credit reports an easy part of your life as a top-notch, mobile originator. The latest updates to your SimpleNexus app is making credit reports an easy part of your job that you can do on … Read moreBe a Mobile Originator: Order and View Credit on the Go

Make Every App Share Count

We built SimpleNexus with growing your business in mind. Sharing your app is a great way to get your tools, brand and contact information into the hands of potential borrowers. And it gets even better when your partners are sharing your app. Get Sharing Right Every share, whether to a prospective borrower, current borrower, or … Read moreMake Every App Share Count

Scanner Updates and Doc Inbox

The document scanner is one of the most used and important features in your SimpleNexus mobile app. It saves your borrowers tons of time being able to confidently scan documents with their phone and securely send them to you. And to top it off, we’ve built our platform so that you can easily review and … Read moreScanner Updates and Doc Inbox

Add Partners on the Go

We know that giving value is a huge part of building solid and lasting partnerships with realtors and builders. That’s why we built your SimpleNexus mobile app so that it could be co-branded with your partners. It’s a win for everyone when your partners can easily stay connected to the loan process. And borrowers know … Read moreAdd Partners on the Go