Scanner Updates and Doc Inbox

The document scanner is one of the most used and important features in your SimpleNexus mobile app. It saves your borrowers tons of time being able to confidently scan documents with their phone and securely send them to you. And to top it off, we’ve built our platform so that you can easily review and … Read moreScanner Updates and Doc Inbox

Add Partners on the Go

We know that giving value is a huge part of building solid and lasting partnerships with realtors and builders. That’s why we built your SimpleNexus mobile app so that it could be co-branded with your partners. It’s a win for everyone when your partners can easily stay connected to the loan process. And borrowers know … Read moreAdd Partners on the Go

Two-Factor Authorization and Cyber Security

Security breaches seem to cross our news feeds all too often these days. The last few years have seen even major companies like Yahoo, Target, and Equifax make it into headlines with security breaches. Each breach leaves us to pause and question: “Is this going to impact me?” But all too often that question only … Read moreTwo-Factor Authorization and Cyber Security