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Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Traditionally, processing a mortgage loan isn’t a one-system, one-click sort of job. It’s a complicated process, requiring access to your LOS, to your CRM, and also to credit bureaus, pricing engines, and other third-party providers to make things happen.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a mobile app that brought all of these resources together in one, convenient hub—along with fast access to your realtors and borrowers?

SimpleNexus makes this vision a reality.

Our easy-to-use mobile app connects you with everything and everyone you need, right from your mobile device. That means you work more efficiently, spend less time in transit, and more time actually getting things done.

It’s All About You,

Not Us.

Keeping your name front and center is easy with SimpleNexus. The app is white labeled, so instead of promoting our company, it promotes yours. You can brand the app with your information and offer your realtors their own co-branded versions, for that one-two marketing punch. Every interaction keeps your name at the forefront, building your brand as you build your client base.

Dominating the Tech Stack

For the modern lenders embracing the digital mortgage transformation, most use all kinds of technology to originate, process, approve and fund loans. Unfortunately, they’re really only technology stacking, requiring loan originators to memorize pages of passwords, and needing to remember what is housed where -- while staying compliant.

Investing in the right technology alone is not enough to meet the challenge. By integrating and mobilizing that technology, traditional lenders can supercharge their staff’s productivity, streamline response times and close the loans they have days faster—and position to dominate the tech stack and competition.

No Matter the Device You Use,

A Seamless Experience Awaits.

Providing a great borrower experience means making that experience consistent, across all channels, and points of contact. With SimpleNexus, information flows seamlessly between web, phone, and tablet. So, if your borrower starts a mortgage application on the website, she can pick up where she left off on any mobile device. The origination process is identical across all channels, as is the secure user login and password.

If your prospects or realtors are in a rush, they don’t have to head to the app store to download SimpleNexus. Instead, you can text the app to them—either from your phone or originator dashboard. And, if you want to scan documents with the app, but not assign these to a specific borrower file, no problem. When you’re ready, the documents will be waiting on your originator dashboard.

Now, that's simple!

Your LOS. Your Processes.

We Wouldn't Change a Thing.

It’s important to note that SimpleNexus isn’t an LOS, a CRM, or a replacement for any systems you currently have in place. Instead, we’re the connective tissue that brings these tools together in a single solution. So, your existing processes don’t change. However, your efficiency levels go off the charts.

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