Verification of Assets: A Seamless Borrower Experience

Verification of Assets: A Seamless Borrower Experience

The list of things that make the loan process difficult for borrowers can be endless. With FormFree, verification of assets doesn’t have to be one of those things. And at SimpleNexus, we’ve partnered with FormFree to make verification of assets even easier for your borrowers, and faster for originators.

We can integrate FormFree right into your SimpleNexus platform. That way originators can order verification of assets right from their phones. And borrowers can verify their assets without using a different system.

You can also try it out in our multi-phase loan application. Borrowers love the ability to quickly complete the necessary details to get pre-qualified. Then being able to come back to a second phase to finish up their application gives them the flexibility they want. And we can insert verification of assets directly into the process so that it’s smooth, convenient, and timed perfectly for your qualified borrowers.

Borrowers can complete their verification of assets from your SimpleNexus supported app or web 1003. 

Visit our Verification of Assets page to learn more.